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Fundraiser Event Management

With Dee Alex Agency Creative Consulting, we create innovative experiences for our corporate and nonprofit clients, we curate memories that will engage your attendees, keep them connected to your mission or brand while exceeding your expectations to meet your goals.

FUNDRAISER Event Management

We work with nonprofit organizations to raise funds to support their mission. We plan each event being missions focused

-Directing of event timelines and associated staff and volunteer activities

-Plan and coordinate organization’s fundraising event

Solicitation of sponsorship for monetary and in-kind support -Transportation / Travel Management

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“Deidra is always an absolute dream to work with speaking from someone who works with her very regularly on the “vendor-side” of the event world! She is extremely organized, detail-oriented and is always looking for new ways to create a unique and innovative experience for her clients. Deidra is top-notch and whenever she reaches out to me to assist her with a client’s upcoming event, I know it is going to be something spectacular!”

KayLee Carman, DMCP / White Door Events/ Sr. Designer & Consultant

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