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A Dee Alex Wedding

A Dee Alex  Intimate & Micro can be described as "An experience of a lifetime." A Dee Alex wedding is a wedding filled with surprises leading up to your big day! Our couples provide us with

their tentative wedding date, inspiration, and their must-haves. The rest is all surprises up until the BIG REVEAL!


Weddings and Special Events are our Passion.....

The Ultimate Surprise Micro Wedding​​

With the Ultimate Surprise Micro Wedding, your day will have the Ultimate Big Reveal

Love the idea of your wedding being a big surprise? Love the idea of sharing your special day with your closest family and friends? Did you say you love the idea of your special day being a surprise with your must-haves? 

 The Dee Alex Agency will plan your special day for you and with you in mind.  The agency will work with a team of selected vendor partners to pull off the ultimate surprise as we plan every detail from selecting the perfect venue, budget management, and every logistical detail to the moment you say “I Do.” The Ultimate Surprise will be a surprise up until the Big Reveal!

****The Dee Alex Agency services four weddings per year. It is our desire to provide our Dee Alex couples with the dedicated time to plan and execute their magical day full of great surprises to exceed their expectations****

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Full Planning and Design

As a Dee Alex Couple, it is all about the surprises!!! During our initial consultation, you will tell us your must-haves. We will select the venue together! The rest.... Will be revealed on your big day. Sounds cool, right? A Dee Alex micro-intimate wedding is all about creating experiences and memories with those that are closest to you. 

Dee Alex Agency will handle ALL planning and design needs. Contact us today to learn more!

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A Dee Alex wedding is all about the couple and fulfilling their desires. 

Working with Dee Alex Weddings, our couples are individuals that love the element of surprises.  We work with our couples to pull off the ultimate surprise even for the guests.  


Having a micro wedding doesn’t mean down-grade. An intimate micro wedding provides our couples with the opportunity to select family and friends that are dear to make the night special. Let's enjoy the ride as we plan an intimate micro wedding with the ultimate surprises





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