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Meet The Team

Dorian Campbell, MSIO, M.Ed.
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Senior VP Development & Program Management

I love applying psychological principles to address social and organizational problems to increase efficiency and productivty.

Dorian Campbell, M.Ed. MSIO

Senior Vice President/Development & Program Management
Dr. Darcie Finch Ed.D.

Director of Education

 I am passionate about organizing professional developments in research based practices to enhance the skills of existing employees and industry leaders.

Dr. Darcie Finch, Ed.D.

Director of Education

Principal + Lead Planner

Deidra's headshot.JPG
Deidra Hawkins, MPA,MS

Principal + Lead Planner of Corporate and Social Events

I take great pride in being tasked to create and manage events to support a mission or bring awareness to causes that will impact change in our community.

Deidra Hawkins, MPA, MS

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